Monday, 11 March 2013

day 33, sem 4 :)

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D

this morning we have Entrepreneurship test. HUWAA!! :( hmm paham2 sajalah how i did my test :/

huhu got running nose. kalo demam terus lagi best HAHAHA. coz i don't wanna do presentation this coming Wednesday >.< 

i find it funny when my friends tegur "waa tinggi jua kau, Fae!" this only happens when i wear high heels or high wedges. lagipun aku jarang pakai kasut tinggi. maybe that's why kawan2 tegur hehe.

btw can you guys do me a favor? please follow blog ne anilzadamha ^^ call her Lina. she's my bestfriend. she's new in this blogging world. so masih banyak new things that she needs to learn. perhaps, kawan2 buleh tolong this friend of mine :) like ajar ea any tuto. buleh, right? thanks! :)

hmm up til now i still wonder siapa kawanku yang komen this entry of mine a battle to win over your heart... using Anonymous identity o.O tadi ku tanya a few potential suspects di campus, nada yang ngakun hahaha :/

to 'him' :)

k papai!

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