Sunday, 24 March 2013

Crunchie and Powerpuff Girls ^^

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D

makan Crunchie sambil blogwalking ^^

pehh! very manis lah wey >.<

weehaa tomorrow all lectures are hansel cancelled *happy frog jump*

end-of-semester exam is next month.

my preparation?


later lah ku start revising if rajin :p

lately aku jarang berkepit dah ngan handphone coz my handphone otw mau mamp*s dah >.<

then pagi tadi ku switch on handphone.

so many Whatsapp messages i received from group chats.

one of the group chats is untuk my best friends and i be-contact, be-gossip bla bla bla :p

one of my best friends, Amal, sent an image of Powerpuff Girls. 

she said the three supergirls are macam aku, Rifan and Lina based on the characters' personality.

Amal said Rifan pemarah and protective macam Buttercup :p 

to Rifan a.k.a my loyal silent reader, jangan marah ye Fae buat pasal Rifan :p 

Amal describes Lina manja macam Bubbles ^^ lembut~ 

dulu puas persuade Lina to try aktiviti lasak tapi nda dapat.

lastly, Amal cakap aku macam Blossom coz aku mature?

it is wrong, amal :p

less mature to be correct :p

k papai :)


  1. no, no, no! its unforgivable! ahaha :p

    1. Rifannnn i am VERY sure this is you even though you use anonymous identity :p :p :p

  2. comelnyaa powerpuff girlsss.. hehe

    1. hehe but i seldom watched this cartoon series masa kecik dulu..


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