Tuesday, 26 March 2013

candlelit dinner. shall we?

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D

Alhamdulillah day well spent with best friend :) bonus: dapat 'cuci mata' tadi masa dinner :p menghayati indahnya makhluk ciptaan Allah *wink*

what i initially planned to do today (aerobic, jogging) was all cancelled. blame this laziness -.-' even up til now i haven't start doing my revision -.-' ah well, REAL student studies last minute :p it is a fact :p 

speaking of dinner, pernah nda you all terpikir mau buat candlelit dinner with your best friend? usually what comes across our mind when seeing the word candlelit dinner is a couple having a romantic dinner. 

well, change that mindset. call your best friends. organize a candlelit dinner with the help from them. pick a place (beach, park, bedroom, classroom etc.). and go for it! 

the love symbol is never purely dedicated for lovers.

the rose flower is never been specially created just for lovers.

change that mindset.

p/s: i am thinking to have a candlelit dinner with my best friends. it would be so much fun ^^

k papai ^^


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