Friday, 22 March 2013

a conversation that moves me :)

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D

i often said to myself i don't wanna give up just yet... however... ah well, just sit back, relax and happy reading :p

yesterday i had a long conversation with him. we talked about so many things. we talked more about him. we talked less about me. i don't mind, though. the point is i just wanna get to know him more deep. the intention? for me to decide a final decision. like, for real.. yes, kami lama sudah berkawan but not that close. 

him: if i to love again, i would like my girl to have the sifat2 that 'she' has. she's this and that bla bla bla

me: if you really love someone, just accept as WHO SHE IS. NEVER set syarat that she must have this and that like that 'girl'.

him: oh, you are right.

him: lemme describe you.

me: go ahead. (dup dap dup dap)

him: you are anxious type of person, adventurous, and you are stuck inside the 'box', you wanna step outside but you are bla bla bla~ 

me: partly what you are saying is not correct.

him: ***** is a good guy. why not you go for him?

me: huh? i am not chasing any guy at the moment. (coz i am into you!)

me: you are good with words. i presume that's why girls easily fall for you. 

him: really? i am? yet, i am loyal.

me: good thing aku nda mudah termakan sweet talk from guys. (really?)

and the conversation was getting deeper and deeper... in conclusion, based on the whole conversation i realize we are not meant to be. i realize i am not jealous neither heartbroken anymore when he kept talking about his girls. in fact, i advise him to make a move if he already finds one. 

his words move me. i understand i am merely a friend to him. he understands woman better now. he loves his mom. he is proud of his dad. his stories tell me that he would do anything for his girl's happiness. 

my love is my family, best friends, study and future career ^^ k papai ^^


  1. yes, missing is just a part to move on...move on fae! :)

    btw, saya tag fae dekat sini

    1. hehe move on lah ne ^^ a wise decision is made ^^

      ohh thanks sis :) jap g sy singgah.

  2. hee.. pernah juga rasa macam nii.. sakit tuu memang sakit.. tapi.. cukuplah kalau tengok orang kita sayang tuu bahagia kan..? hehe

    1. truly agree hehe. dia happy kita pun happy daa :) bunga bkn sekuntum, kumbang bkn seekor ^^

  3. awww..hugs fae :') for me how?

    1. hi, bestfriend! *hug lina* you can do what i do above ^^ it is the will inside you that moves you forward ^^

    2. how?like that someone so much..ottoke? :S

    3. he has someone already, dear. literally, it is your strong feeling yang makes it hard to let him go. if you listen more to what your heart is saying than your mind, it would bring you to nowhere. but the situation would be different if he's single :)

      so, just be friend with him saja. take care of your friendship with him :)


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