Friday, 8 March 2013

a battle to win over your heart...

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D

seriously, this is sooo not me blogging about my personal love life. LOL. 

*sigh* have you ever been in this situation: you have 'on and off' long-term crush on someone. 'on and off' sini maksudnya awal2 you like him/her, then you feel turn down when you find out he/she have girlfriend/boyfriend or likes someone else. and then you suka the person balik. frust lagi, jadi nda suka. lepas tu, suka lagi. 'on and off' lah.

yes, i am in this situation now. dulu aku pernah suka ea pastu aku slowly let him go coz i realize i am not perfectly good enough for him :( now aku suka ea balik.

this is exactly how i will answer if people ask me why i still like him...

and this is my current situation.

so sad :(

it hurts knowing that he still...*sigh* :'(


i shall just keep trying coz i am not ready to let him go...

a battle to win over you heart is just begin...

k papai :') 


  1. jiwang mood fae?? ahaha :p

    p/s: guess who i am ;)

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHA Mun? Aqil? Nazerah?

      c'mon reveal yourself :p

      au bejiwang ku nyanta. kan curhat depan kamu takut teruk kena buli :p

  2. Ermm..bab hati ni memang susah dan sangat2 complicated.

    1. it is, indeed ^^ best way, just go with the follow ^^

  3. hati dan perasan sukar di duga..hehe


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