Saturday, 9 February 2013

toilet-themed restaurant in Taiwan

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D 

before i proceed making you guys puke lemme ask you :p would you willing to eat inside a toilet-themed restaurant? :p imagine you are eating hot chicken soup from a toilet-bowl-shaped soup pot :p and your ice cream dessert perfectly looks like poop :p poop poop poop :p kahkahkah!

tell ya what, i don't mind eating a grilled chicken from a bathtub-shaped plate. as long as i don't have to eat my food from URINE bowl -.-' anyone puke already? :p

this ever kind of restaurant concept is first opened in Taiwan. a former banker, Wang Tzi-wei, is the man behind this crazy idea. Modern Toilet restaurant has many branches in Taiwan, one in Hong Kong and one in China. if they are planning to enter Brunei market, i doubt they can succeed *skeptical thought* from my reading, Kuala Lumpur has been identified as one of the potential market :D so, to my Malaysian bloggers are your ready for the surprise? :p

impressive design, though..

yummy :p

dinner tonight, shall we? :p

lalala~ :p

photos credit: Google 

k papai :D


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