Sunday, 17 February 2013

the best pain in relationship..

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D 

i am not good in giving advice especially when it involves perasaan between 2 insan yang bercinta *oh puhleaseee, ayat nda buleh blah* LOL. 

i remember one of my bestfriends gado sama her boyfriend. pasal apa? nda payah sibuk kan ambil tahu. ouch! hehehe. i don't know how to calm her down. do you wanna know what advice did i give her? 

"you know what, the best pain in relationship is to FORGIVE your beloved person even though he or she is wrong."

simple. kekeke ^^

#movie date: DESPICABLE ME 2! i wanna watch it! :D can't wait!

edible plant :p

the tanah is made from Oreo and sedikit chocolate.

the earthworm tu jelly sebenarnya.

the flower tu is biscuit.

kreatif eh kawan ku pandai buat makanan macam atu. 

k papai!


  1. eh yeahlah...creative buat makanan sampai macam tu... must be a differ feelings kan makan makanan dengan structure yang berbeza...

    1. lagi sedap kalo dia put more choc instead of oreo hehe. murah je my kwn jual. 50 sen each.

  2. So cute and creative and agreed that if you love someone you must be able to accept and forgive for whatever wrongdoing..but be careful not to overdo it k...

    1. yea creative hehe.

      true3 :) i gave such advice pun coz x tau nak nasihat apa lagi hehehe.

  3. memang kreatif..nak satu boleh..:-)


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