Sunday, 3 February 2013

event in Brunei #1

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D 


macam best usulnya event di bawah ne. *check calendar* hmm it will start from Wednesday until Tuesday. wish to go there during weekend. hopefully by that time kami nda luan busy ngan assignments and study-related work. but wait, April? isn't it kami punya end-of-semester exam bulan April? aiyaa :l

to my Malaysian friends, dialu2kan datang kekeke :D 

k papai :)


  1. Hehe..kalau dekat dah lama nak pergi. InsyaAllah, suatu hari nanti nak pergi brunei..hehe. err..berapa harga tiket tu ye kalau convert myr.

    1. kalo dtg brunei sound2 ye :)

      erm if from brunei to KL using AirAsia roughly around B$100 plus. kalo di-convert to RM is around RM200 plus, i guess.

      tapi if from KL to brunei tu sy x sure hehe.

      B$1.00 is equivalent to RM2.51.


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