Thursday, 14 February 2013

day 23, sem 4 :)

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D 

arghhh why my badan very gatal2 ne :/ ruam? no. chicken pox? no. mosquito bites? no. huwaa :/ sudah masuk day 4 aku macam ne :/ huwaa :(

this entry sepatutnya ku publish kelmarin. but yesterday i was busy spending my time with my buddies. i didn't even have enough time to visit blog semua kawan2 bloggers. 

ah well, let the pictures speak. LOL. thanks to Aqil, Hayah, Erah, Fizah and Mun pasal sudi sent all the pictures below untuk dimasukkan dalam blog ku hehe. 

Masjid Omar Ali Saifuddien :)

as what i heard from people, in Brunei NO building or premise is allowed to be constructed higher than this mosque :) 

i guess that explains why there is no high tower or skyscraper here ^^

i am not sure is this the Youth Center headquarter or just a branch.

whatever it is, meliat perkataan 'belia' tu buat aku rindu mau ikut lagi aktiviti2 lasak belia.

i plan to organize kayaking event for ITB students this year..

safely arrived here after pusing keliling Bandar Seri Begawan.

Yayasan Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Shopping Complex.

i press, NO water is coming out.

i turn it left right, still NO water is coming out.


rupa2nya you just put your hand UNDERNEATH the mulut paip and it will automatically keluar air.


Hayah belanja aku aiskrim Dairy Queen ^^

i chose the flavors, cheese mix with strawberry.

beautiful view inside the Yayasan.

okie dokie, remember this entry of mine? as planned earlier, me and my girlfriends pegi swimming di DAR 2 TAKAFUL. B$2.00 per head untuk students. the best part is there is no hour limit. weehaa!

me and ainaa :)

we were super excited to go swimming together for the first time although most of us don't know how to swim haha!

good thing it is an indoor swimming pool.

i almost lost balance and nearly drowned into the water when i tried to do floating :/

it may not seem luxury or whatever you called it but we like the place :)

better be safe than sorry.

initially, kami berenang siring the pool saja, berpaut to each other, sharing the orange pelampung...

simply say, kami suffer in silence haha :/

i cannot tahan the frustration of being terpaksa berenang di siring2 so i went buy the white pelampung for me and my girlfriends.

sanggup you~

that's me! hehe.

i was happy spending my time with my girlfriends. 

next plan could be watching Iron Man 3 this coming April?

outside view from inside the DAR 2 TAKAFUL swimming pool.

another beautiful view..

Kampong Ayer.

buat aku teringat kayaking...

gym facilities pun ada di DAR 2 TAKAFUL.

after swimming for 2 hours we went to Tarindak Restaurant to have our late lunch there hehe.

the interior design and concept is quite elegant.

and the food is EXPENSIVE huwaa :/

ne lah yang aku ordered...

me and Hayah :)

k papai!


  1. dulu ada dapat job situ tapi arwah abah tak kasi.masa tuh bujang lagi=)hehe dapat tawaran ke sana..nampak bestkan kat sana=)

    1. oh yeke? myb arwah abah akak risau kalau akak tinggal berjauhan ngan famili lebih2 lagi di negeri org. Alhamdulillah my country tetap best d mata sy :)


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