Monday, 11 February 2013

day 21, sem 4 :)

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D 

Alhamdulillah aku selamat sampai di hostel :) first of all, i would like to express my gratitude to whoever visited this entry :) thanks jua yang sudi bagi komen. 

i am very happy that the entry received quite an overwhelming response from readers including silent readers :) the moment i published it, Alhamdulillah the pageview for the entry itself really made my day :D this motivates me more to pursue my dream to become a successful well-known blogger :)

today masih Chinese New Year public holiday so nda school lah. 

btw to my new readers/followers entri yang bertajuk like this 'day #, sem 4' aaa aku usually publish it every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. dalam entri tu mostly i will blog about apa aku buat di campus, apa kami belajar during lecture/tutorial class and apa aku buat with my friends kalau nada class.

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last but not least, i love you guys! thanks for reading :)

break: guaranteed offer ;)


  1. Yeah, time study ni la time paling indah. Put it in the blog, becoz one day we will miss that moments damn much. ;)

    1. yeap true3 :) creating this blog of mine mmg satu right decision la. it is like my online diary. tp x smua fae share :)

  2. I miss my studying time...belajar rajin-rajin ya fae!!!

    1. kak raudzah mseh blh bljr. from Google hehe :) fae pgl Prof Google :D btw i will ;)

  3. halop dear, 1st time sis singgah sini....belajar rajin rajin taww!

    1. halo sis ain :) thanks for dropping by. i will ;)


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