Tuesday, 12 February 2013

climb up, climb down, up down :3

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D 

uga uga uga gagagaga arghh tension eeee >.< so much to do in so little time :/ aku stop dulu buat assignment. pening2 lalat daa. buzzzzzz >.<

untuk adik2 out there, never ever ever do your schoolwork last minute *menyindir diri sendiri*

okie dokie, this time i wanna blog about CRAZY and UNIQUE staircase designs :D if you get your own house one day, you may wanna do some renovation to the staircase :D i want. hehe. be different, be crazy!  love innovation, love creativity! woohoo nice rhyme we got there :p

what's unique about this staircase?

it got button to fold it up and make it disappear into the wall.

i would like to apply the same concept to my bedroom nanti :p

buleh daa main hide-and-seek ne hehe.

staircase ne best kalo main gelongsor pakai your ass (please forgive me for using that bad word :p) from top hehe.

sekali pandang macam kek lapis yang dipotong segitiga bermuda.

caution: wear shoes that have good grip to avoid from slipping down.

it is advisable jangan buat staircase macam ne kalau you ada anak2 yang masih kecil.

floating staircase o.O

gaa gayatnyaaa :O

instead of buying tall shoes rack, buat lah staircase macam gambar di atas hehe.

utilize space yang ada to the maximum :D

but please don't put inside items like books.

be respectful to books yang banyak bagi us knowledge.

fun thing to do: every single step you put one item at a time :D

let's skate! :D

i wanna watch this!! Iron Man 3 this coming April!

k papai!


  1. Replies
    1. it is, indeed. i like crazy innovations :P

  2. semua tangga tu nampak awesome! kalau ada rumah sendiri, boleh lah buat macam tu. suka yg warna putih tu :D

    1. i know right hehe. nak juga kelainan right. i like the one yg mcm kek lapis u hehe.

  3. cantik tangga tu..klu letak kat bagunan sesuai la..kat rumah tak sesuai kot..sebab klu ada anak kecil boleh jatuh nanti

    1. depends la on the staircase design. kalau nampak cm selamat myb blh buat kat rmh :)


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