Friday, 8 February 2013

B.Mobile is going to bankrupt?

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D 

in Brunei there are only two mobile phone operators; DST and B.Mobile. if di Malaysia ada DiGi, Maxis, Celcom and banyak lagi, i guess. in Argentina, they have Movistar, Claro, NEXTEL. in Germany, they have Vodafone, T-Mobil, E-Plus, O2. 

i am a B.Mobile subscriber. bad news: B.Mobile kan bankrupt :/ the company owes TelBru millions! i don't remember the exact amount but hello, we are talking about millions here! there are many complaints about B.Mobile services lately and now we know why. if the service is getting worse guess i have to buy DST line then :/

i heard that TelBru is going to takeover B.Mobile. 

make me remember when DST was a monopoly in this market back then. the message rate is 20 cent per link. but when B.Mobile enters the market, DST turunkan the message rate to 5 cent.

B.Mobile logo

click on this link to read more on B.Mobile winding up case: TelBru moves to wind up B.Mobile

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  1. oh brunei lain ek. ingat kan sama. patut lah kalau nombor phone tu macam pelik sikit. hehe :D

    1. hehe kalo semua sama senang contact friends or relatives yg tgl d luar negara.

  2. Harga yang tinggi.. Itulah antara risiko yang perlu ditanggung oleh pengguna andai tiada persaingan dlm sesuatu perniagaan/perkhidmatan.

    1. i hope B.Mobile x withdraw terus from the market. kalo DST jadi monopoly company again i am afraid segala call rate etc dinaikkan :/

  3. wish Bmobile stays in the market and improve it services. As bmobile subscriber have to wait the news. Hope its a good news.

    1. i doubt there would be any good news for subscriber :/ masa ne pun sy tgh geram sesangat coz service yg mcm $%*#@#%


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