Wednesday, 27 February 2013

2 excitements! *wink*

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D 

3 hari aku nda update blog coz i was quite busy. ah well, aku update ke nda update ke bukannya ada urang sudi pun BW ke blog ku selalu. ayat murah. LOL :p wanna know kemana aku menghilang for 3 days?

on 24th February, ITB environmental club was invited to join the activity above.

this was the first activity i joined as an EC member for this semester.

beside ITB, there were also some other schools and higher education institutions yang ikut aktiviti membersihkan Pantai Tungku.

the theme colour is of course green :)

we had aerobic session for 15 minutes before bersihkan pantai.

ranting2 pokok yang banyak like above menyusahkan kami memutik sampah :/

fact: i love beach and i hate bitch pengguna pantai yang bebal NDA paham2 maksud statement "kebersihan pantai tanggungjawap bersama".

sitting: me and Rifan

standing: Mona (far right) and 4 urang mahasiswa/wi ITB

fact: we were proud taking photo with the rubbish :p

after the event...

environment lovers :)

okay, that was the first excitement hehe. the second excitement was the 2 days 1 night youth camp at Pelumpong Island! :D i am sorry coz i don't have the gambar2 DURING the camp. i am still waiting for Juan (the official photographer for the event) to upload all the pictures on his FB. nda tau bila ea kan upload. 

what i have with me now are just the pre-camping pictures. see below :p

what i brought...

macam urang kan camping seminggu :p

i slept at my friend's campus hostel the day before.

i borrowed my uncle's sleeping bag.

below is the post-camping picture :p the event was great. we, the participants, were very very very exhausted yet we enjoyed ^^ especially during kayaking :D

Alhamdulillah bertambah sijilku, experiences and kawan baru ku hehe.

k papai!


  1. happening... he it raining there? suddenly i saw drizzling water here... nice...

    1. it was, indeed :D wanna go camp again :D

      hehe the raining effect sy ambil dari tuto


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