Friday, 8 February 2013

15 business ideas

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D 

weehaa :D waa rajin banar aku update blog hari ne sampai 5 entries. 

okie, during Entrepreneurship tutorial classes on 30-Jan-13 and 6-Feb-13, kami buat presentation pasal 'elevator pitch' ideas masing2. it was an individual assignment. so far baru 15 urang (including me) yang sudah present. tinggal 7 urang lagi yang balum present. the final session will be on 13-Feb-13.

here i would like to share with you our 15 business ideas ^^

1. 1st cupping center in Brunei
2. drive-through carwash
3. cleaning, repairing and maintaining fish aquarium from door-to-door
4. online grocery shopping in Brunei
5. grilled ribs and steak stand
6. 'bed and breakfast'
7. 'charge and go' (a special machine that can charge your phone twice faster than normal and it is placed at shopping mall)
8. home-to-home car servicing with free carwash
9. 4D cinema in Brunei
10. pasta store in Brunei
11. salad bar in Brunei
12. bus that can travel both on land and in water
13. waste plastic convert to fuel (my idea)
14. small hotel for pets
15. ice-skating center

what else do we have here?
  1. trending #William's death investigation ends
  2. PSY again and again
  3. contribute your part...
k papai!


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