Thursday, 10 January 2013

day 3, sem 4 :)

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D 

aaa actually this entry sepatutnya aku publish kelmarin. but due to some reasons aku tapaksa postpone. 

okie, as for yesterday jadual ku quite full hehe ^^ sebelah pagi and petang got 2 tutorials and 2 lectures respectively. maie layan 4 gambar di bawah ane hehe..

gambar ne aku ambil when i arrived at campus early morning.

i am proud to be part of ITB ^^

what we did in tutorial class yesterday..

guess which one is my hand?

if you know my favorite color, surely you will be able to guess it correctly ^^

aaa still cannot guess? O.O

hint: the skinniest hand :p

photo credit: Erah

after Management Accounting lecture habis around 4:30 pm, at 5:00 pm aku, Alin and Mat g jogging from The Core/New Hostel - Old Hostel - UBD Sports Complex.

aku and Alin pancit awal haha in other words kurang stamina lah :p

Mat managed to jog 3 rounds without beranti.

ever since semester 4 bermula masa hari Isnin, aku sudah pasang azam mau aktif jogging. 

me: "i want to jog."

people: "what?? you are skinny already."

me: "aku jogging untuk SIHAT. bukan untuk KURUS."


photo credit: Alin

habis jogging, aku and Alin mandi and besiap untuk jalan.

our initial plan was to go to Consumer Fair di Stadium Berakas.

tapi kaka and abang Alin bawa Dinner di Restoran Aqil Shafiee so cancelled lah.

if durang sampai awal di restoran, probably kami sempat g ke Consumer Fair ah.

thanks Alin coz sudi bawa aku sleepover di The Core last night ^^

weehaa! no homework so far :D but aku mesti revise semula whatever i learnt from day 1. kan azam 2013 ku mau revise regularly.

okie, pasne aku mau buat entry pasal 'day 4, sem 4' @ today punya cerita.


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