Monday, 7 January 2013

day 1, sem 4 :)

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D 

Alhamdulillah my first day of undergoing semester 4 went well. aku malas taip ayat berjela2 so i just share gambar2 that i took as well as gambar yang kawan2 sent via WhatsApp.

i walked from hostel around 6:25 am.

fresh morning air.

walking to ITB campus..

tadaa!! ITB campus ^^

it took around 15 minutes bejalan kaki from hostel to my university.

i don't like bila kerita banyak melintas. so aku jalan kaki early before 6:30 am as there are not many cars yet.

what we did in lecture room ^^ 

guess which one is me?


we were bored as there was nothing to do. Business Planning and Control lecture finished early so kami begambar lah :p

we are happy girls :D smile all the way! ;)

wanna know the girls' name?

i'm afraid i can't tell ya :p

we were at campus canteen having our late breakfast.

our picture masa joging tadi patang. 

hoho for this semester, kami ada 4 modules:

-Business Planning and Control.
-Human Resources Management.
-Management Accounting.

semua core subjects. huwaaa :l oh well, i believe i can do better this semester. 

and yes, kami sudah jadi final year seniors hehe *exaggerating* lol.

fact: one popular comments i received from friends today, "Fae, makin KURUS jua ko.." oh well~

papai for now!

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