Saturday, 1 December 2012

Segmen Tanya dan Jawab by YA

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D 

Alhamdulillah. baru habis makan indomee hehe. 

you know what, time aku buka 1 bungkus indomee i saw ratusan cacing 2 packets of bumbu sauce and chili set with disbelief. sepatutnya dalam 1 bungkus atu ada 1 paket of bumbu sauce and chili set and also 1 paket minyak and kicap set. maybe pekerja kilang tetaruh lebih. kekeke. Alhamdulillah dah rezeki ^^

okie dokie let's meriahkan segmen kawan kita, Cik Yanie ^^ CLICK HERE to find out how to join.

maie check out apa answers ku untuk soalan Cik Yanie ^^

1. Your Girl Bestfriend: i have 9 best girl buddies ^^ they are Qilah, Ainaa, Rifan, Amal, Lina, Gyah, Djah, Dydy and Grah. fact: nama2 tu disusun ikut birthdate. and aku is between Djah and Dydy ^^ we call ourselves G10!

2. Your Boy Bestfriend: nil.

3. Your Nickname: Fae, Gata ;)

4. Your Favourite Food: CHOCOLATESSS!!! thank goodness somehow i can control my sugar intake hehe *phew*

5. Your Favourite Drink: Milo and plain water, of course.

6. Do You Have Mental Problems: ask my doctor. 

7. Something You Can't Live Without: money (see, i don't wanna be hypocrite ^^). most importantly, i can't live without sulphur dioxide oxygen. ngee ^_~

8. Last Person You Called: an officer from UBD Campus Hostel. i barely make call to anyone, though. 

9. Your Birthday: 17-Dec-91

10. Someone You Love: this situation/question is not applicable to me. not yet. still waiting for the right man to come in my life. aww. LOL. well, i love everyone anyway. except the Zionist people. kekeke :p

11. Someone You Hate: i hate hating people. but if situation force me, then i have to. 

12. Last Text Said: my WhatsApp message to Grah - "campur aduk pikirkan pasal apa tu tin?"
                                                                    13. Your Super Bestfriend: yang masih stick to me in both good and bad times up until now :')

14. Do You Believe In God?: OF COURSE!

15. Would You Take Your Ex Back?: why should i? i live not to just love my ex. 

16. Someone You Miss: my sister, my real mommy, my late daddy *damn, i nearly burst into tears* yet, i don't blame Cik Yanie buat soalan macam ane, anyway.

17. Last Person That Made You Laugh *sertakan tarikh kalau boleh*: my cousin. 1-Dec-12.

18. Your Favourite Song: many!

19. Is 2012 The Best Year Of Your Life: not really. but it is the year aku mula moving on in life slowly.

20. Do You Like Malay Food: duh~ of course, i am :D

21. How Old Are You: 10+9-4+5 you do the maths.

22. Do You Regret Anything From Your Past?: YES, I AM. but i don't wish to turn back time because whatever happened in the past buat aku lebih kenal erti life. plus we will never be able to turn back time no matter what. 

23. Where Do You Want To Honeymoon?: need to ask my future husband (whoever he is) first :p

24. Do You Believe In True Love: i don't know... *quickly move to qustion #25*

25. What Is Your Attitude: simply say, more bad than good.

26. Are You Scared Of GHOST?: YESSSSS :/

27. What Is Your Status? (Single/Taken/Married/Divorced/What?): single.

28. Have You Ever Broke Someone's Heart?: yep *face palm*

29. Who Is Your Favourite Singer?: nil.

30. What is your favourite colour?: GREEN! :D

p/s: deadline to join: 14-Dec-12

okie dokie papai ;)

subuk-subuk ne jua -->


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    Hi, singgah sini dan follow :) dari segmen yg sama

    1. tqqq :) sy baru follow awak #531

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  4. heyluuu yeen dari segmen yg sama
    singgah jika ada kelapangan :3



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