Tuesday, 4 December 2012

segmen by NZ: I tanya U jawab :D

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D 

actually aku very ngalih/letih right now. my brain ngalih. my body ngalih. my eyes pun makin kuyu dah. but i would like to ikut segmen best di bawah ane before aku buat emas tebal berinci2 di mata ane. LOL.

YEAHHH 18 days left before we say a VERY GOODBYE to semester 3 :p

CLICK HERE to find out how to join ^^

deadline to join: 25-12-12

the questions:

your nickname: Fae, Gata

do you wish you had another name? if yes, what is it?: yes! aku suka nickname Yaya ^^

your girl best friend: there are 9 of them. malas lah kan taip all their names. aku really mengantuk bah +.+

your guy best friend: nil

your favourite food: CHOCOLATESSSSSSS :D

your favourite drink: Milo and plain water hehe.

the one thing you always bring everywhere you go: handphone

your current favourite song: The Howling by Within Temptation. RAWRR!

your favourite singer: none

your birthday: 17-12-91

the last person you texted or texted you: i texted Daus

what does the text say?: "sori kacau ko tdo. esuk pagi aku ikut ko k. tq."

someone you wish to see right now: my sister and the only :')

someone you want to apologize to: not to someone but to everyone... forgive me...

someone you miss: tanya sama pokok :p

what time did you wake up this morning?: 6 am plus

how great your life is in 2012 so far?: i've been through ups and downs and 2012 does bring a lot of both good and painful memories :) i learnt...

do you have a pet? if yes what is it and what is the weirdest thing it has ever done?: nil

where would you have your honeymoon?: outer space, can? kekeke :p 

do you regret anything from your past? of course. who doesn't? tell me.

if you could have one superpower, what would it be?: turn everything that i touch into CHOCOLATESSSS kekeke :p

what is your status? (Single/Taken/Married/Divorced?What?): single

are you in love? if yes, have you told the person how you feel?: nope!

the thing you hate the most: a lot actually. one of them is i hate menyakiti hati urang lain tapi i have to! i just wanna defend my own pendirian >.<

the type of people you hate the most: *ketawa sinis dulu*

the last gift a person gave you: The Face Shop voucher from my cousin

what is your favourite color?: grin! eh salah green lah. haha :p

would you take your ex back?: why the hell should i hehe :p

something you can't live without: methanol gas oxygen

do you like this segment?: yes, i am. thank you ye NZ ;)

papai guys!


  1. assalamualaikum ...selamat bersegmen yer...;)

  2. As Salam, i am currently conducting a survey about mosque in Malaysia for my master thesis. it would be a big help if u could help me to answer the survey. Thanks in advance.

    1. okieeee otw answering ur questionnaire ^^


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