Sunday, 9 December 2012

dolphins are comey tomey alolo ^_~

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D 

who have pet(s) at home? do you really take good care of your pet(s)? who would love to keep gorilla dolphin as a pet? me! me! *raise both hands high* :D 

okie dokie, let's check out some interesting facts about this adorable creature. like me. aww~ :D

1) physically, dolphins look like fish but they are not fish. these damn cute creatures are categorized as mammals. 

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dolphin A: cumbaa! 

doplhin B: bestnya berenang..

eee geram hati meliat gambar ne. rasa mau gigit dolphins ne hehe.

2) dolphins sleep dalam purata 8 jam a day. like humans jua bah hehe.

3) dolphins cannot take a full deep sleep or else they would suffocate because they cannot breathe under water. only one side of the brain sleeps so as to allow them to breathe and also to watch out for dangers even while they are resting.

4) dolphin is the only mammal that gives birth to mermaid with the tail of the baby comes out first instead of its head.

5) anak dolphins will stay under ketiak mommy mereka for 2 to 3 years pastu merdeka muahaha! :p ada some stated between 3 to 8 years.

6) dolphins got two stomachs. one is for digestion. another one is to store food. ulala~ bestnya ada gudang makanan sendiri 

7) life expectancy for dolphins is 17 years at average. 

8) most dolphin species live in saltwater. some ada yang bermastautin in freshwater. some jua ada yang menghabiskan hayat dalam boiling water before kena NGAP! :p

9) a group of dolphins is called a pod. take note: a pod. not a fish of dolphins. belajar english ne fun sebenarnya ^^

10) baby dolphin kita panggil calves(prural)/calf(singular).

11) they eat by swallowing not chewing.

12) there are about 100 teeth inside the mouth.

13) calves drink milk. ulalala~ comey tomey laa hehe. khasiat susu ibu memang banyak *out of topic dah*

a mommy Bottlenose dolphin ajar her calf berenang ^^

psst you all mau liat how a mommy dolphin gives birth? check out this great video! ^^

warning: mun/kalau dah namanya beranak of course ada darah kan? yang takut darah better jangan liat.

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  1. alahaii..comey nye dolphin tu..kalo dy ade fb mesti hot. haha :D

    1. hahaha mmg sy antara yg first add FB dia :p wish to have one as a pet.

      btw tqqq komen entry sy ^^


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