Sunday, 4 November 2012

wanna go here, wanna go there. meoww :p

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D 

seumur hidupku belum lagi pernah ku jejakkan kaki ke negara luar except Sarawak, Malaysia. if i have lots of money, of course i would love to travel around the world and be amazed with its beautiful wonders. Taj Mahal, Great Wall in China, Pyramid. just to mention a few.

below is a list of interesting places that i would love to step my feet on:

1) Great Wall, China. it would make a great place to do marathon. LOL.

2) Dubai Mall, Dubai. and i believe it is also the largest shopping mall in the world. is it?

3) Marina Bay Sands Resort, Singapore. aku suka liat shape kapal ah.. creative.

4) Taj Mahal, India. mau liat sendiri tapak sejarah cinta antara dua insan di sini :)

5) Rome, Italy. a historic city.

6) Valley of the Geysers, Russia. to go here, need to use helicopter. beautiful nature :)

7) Akumal, Mexico. another fascinating nature.

8) Avila, Spain. 

9) Legoland, Malaysia.

10) Iguazu Falls, South America. i love nature :)

11) Castle Rabi, Czech Republic.

12) West Edmonton Mall, Canada. a unique mall that has an indoor tropical rainforest.

aduiii sengal mata ku yo luan lama staring arah laptop screen. a'hah above is just some of the places that i wish to go travelling to. actually banyak lagi. but there is one place that i must go to before i die. it is..

Mecca <3

photo credit: Google :D


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