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pirated CDs & DVDs issue in Brunei and the word 'also' :3

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D 

i am planning to redesign my blog today. frankly speaking, the current design i use in my blog is not up to my satisfaction. if i am gonna edit the whole blog template of mine, i need long time to do that as i am myself is quite fussy type of person. cacat sikit boleh kusut jadinya. so, weekend is a perfect time for me to focus on the redesigning thing. 

alright, anyone read newspaper everyday? i don't because~ i am lazy to read bah kekeke :p however, most of the latest news that i knew i read from facebook. lagi lagi facebook. haha. the main reasons (now) why i am still log in to my FB account walaupun keboringan sudah are:

  • to promote my blog
  • to greet anyone who are having their birthday on that day
  • to know if there are any current news in the informational fanpages that i liked
  • to get any latest update from the ITB campus community group page
hmm once it was very easy to find pirated CDs and DVDs being sold di kedai2 di Brunei nda kira small shop ke big department store ke. yea, dulu memang mudah. but now baru tia kan diperketatkan larangan menjual barang2 cetak rompak atu. business licences would be revoked if shop owners continue on with the illegal trade. 

tapi urang yang nda paham perintah ane memang bijak oh. now, the penjual pirated discs turn to facebook to sell CDs and DVDs because premis2 bisdurang diarahkan berhenti menjual the illegal items or else. other than facebook, free messaging apps such as WhatsApp pun sudah dijadikan platform terbaru to sell the illegal copies of CDs and DVDs.

according to observers, it is now far harder for the authorities to keep check on people selling pirated goods since there is no physical shop where there can carry out checks. furthermore, as pirates are now carrying out their business in cyberspace, the issue of jurisdiction has become a grey area.

the first notice of clearance order was issued in February this year. a
 number of notices were served in the following months until the deadline expired on May 21.

in the warning notice which was forwarded to 
the Commissioner of Police and the Royal Customs and Excise Department, it was stated that the shops were allegedly committing an offence under the Broadcasting Act and Intellectual Property Rights. 

info credit to

okie dokie, hmm working di sebuah corporate company walaupun as a placement student banyak mengajar aku benda baru about business. ane termasuk penggunaan bahasa english yang sesuai untuk dunia korporat.

'also' is a common word that i frequently use both in speaking and writing. thanks to my newly promoted Corporate Human Resources Management manager because taught me to use better english usage for my report. for example, the word 'also'.

you may use the words below to replace 'also' :)

1) likewise
2) beside
3) as well

okie dokie, maie rehatkan utak by watching the relaxing videos below ^_^ and papai for now.

future puss in the boot

piano stairs

world's fastest everything

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