Saturday, 3 November 2012

new directive in brunei about business operating hour :3

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D 

waahh you all perasan nda aku nda update blog yesterday as well as on friday night. usually i post new entry every night. tapi the last 2 nights aku miss. on friday night ada makan-makan do'a tolak bala di rumah saudara. actually aku lazy mau kluar jalan that night tapi uleh sebab ne majlis makan saudara have to datang lah. bukan apa, takut nanti urang nda mau datang bah if aku buat majlis. huhu. we went home late coz venney nda berani driving under heavy rain and loud thunderstorm. kilat lagi galak menyambar. sampai saja dirumah aku terus tanam emas di mata after i cuci muka and brushed my less-white teeth. LOL. 

nda rugi banarnya aku paksa diri datang ke majlis makan kecilan di rumah saudara. the food sodapp songgohhh you :D 

my cousin told me ane satay kura-kura. the lame part is i believed! LOL :p satay daging banarnya.

yesterday almost all areas in Belait district and Tutong district were affected from the massive electric power outage from 12 p.m until 12 a.m due to low gas pressure at Lumut Power Station. i was working yesterday. Alhamdulillah luckily office ada generator. i planned to blog all night when i came back home. unfortunately still nada electricity. so i slept early lah. i woke up at 12 a.m plus when i heard bunyi kipas. to me, i still can last 12 hours without electricity. but i can't survive without water even just for 1 hour. LOL.

psst to all my fellow Bruneians, do you aware about the new law which just took effect yesterday? what, you don't? haiya maie aku kasi tahu. masa eid ul adha celebration itu hari, His Majesty of Brunei bertitah that ALL business premises (cinemas, sports and recreation centres, restaurants, gym centres, offices, all spa and saloon, shopping malls etc) are to be temporarily CLOSED during FRIDAY PRAYER from 12 p.m until 2 p.m regardless of the premises owners' religious background. this is to teach all the people who are staying in Brunei to respect friday prayer in line with the sultanate's call to become a 'Negara Zikir' and also to remind muslim men to go to mosque. moreover, His Majesty mau kurangkan penyakit 'kuai libai' especially among youngsters yang suka loitering around shopping malls bila urang lain sedang sembahyang Juma'at.  

aaa what is 'kuai libai'? i don't really know coz aku balum master cakap bahasa melayu Brunei yang standard lagi. but dari pemahaman ku it means sikap suka merayau nda tentu hala. i am not malay in case you all don't know. i am pure Iban :) agi idup agi ngelaban. kekeke. tapi i am not fluent in speaking Iban coz dari kecik dah tinggal ngan malay community. walaupun aku nda fasih cakap Iban tapi aku nda pernah lupa bangsa ku okeh :D

have a great weekend, everyone! :D

p/s: i strongly support the new directive ;) what do you guys think?

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