Monday, 12 November 2012

let the pictures speak. lol.

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D

ulalala~same like yesterday, am gonna doze off early tonight. before that, lemme blog about what i did yesterday as well as today. just a quick one because i don't feel like type a long entry for now. or better yet let the pictures tell the story. ngahaha :p


time aku and my cousin kan otw ke jemputan kawin, she gave me this as my advance birthday gift. Face Shop discount voucher. makacihhh :D my birthday lama lagi *hinting* lol ;)

singgah beli something for our late breakfast before zoom ke majlis kawin di Tutong. 

i like the chairs. hehe.

from majlis kawin, me and mamit dropped my cousin here. she had an exam. what exam? go ask my cousin lah. ngahaha. sementara tunggu ea habis exam, me and mamit went shopping di Giant. 

before balik rumah, we stopped at Jollibee because our tummy dah bikin kecoh. lol. aku ordered C1 yang 1 ayam, 1 rice and 1 drink.

sempat beli a new pair of slipper. 


my pizza-shaped pen. ramai kawan2 opis tagur pen ku ane tadi hehe. after my favorite injection-shaped pen warna hijau rusak uleh kawan, aku jadi karit (stingy) mau pinjamkan barang2 ku lebih lama to people. lebih2 lagi yang warna hijau.

apologize for the bad camera technique. lol. this is my ITB Log Book. the blank page is the one where we need to write a summary of what we did or had learn for that week. malasssss youu mau buat weekly summary, let alone buat daily updates. huhu. hoo how to get distinction if perangai macam ane *bentak diri sendiri*

aaa that's all for now. xoxo

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