Tuesday, 6 November 2012

horror? thriller? a big NO! :O

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D 

during lunchtime tadi, me and some of my office mates were having a good rest until they opened a topic about horror movie >.< honestly, i am very penakut. hehe. they know i am scared of ghosts so they buli aku lah by searching gambar2 hantu on Google using my PC >.< sampai ada yang sengaja takutkan aku to change my desktop wallpaper to ghost image. huwaaa kesian aku, right?

whenever my friends wanna bring me out for movie time, i will definitely warn them not to choose horror or thriller genre. but do they listen? NO! :( they never do. hehe :l like it or not, i have to join in the 'fun' of screaming. AAAAAAA!! LOL :p kesudahannya aku yang susah tidur bila balik rumah :s

alright, goodnight my fellow bloggers! ;) 

i dedicate this song to all of you <3

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