Monday, 19 November 2012

extreme outdoor activities that i wanna try out :3

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D 

Alhamdulillah satu progres bagus ;) while blogging, i am doing a draft of report on SWE. don't wanna do it last minute. no. no. bila sudah kan habis attachment baru ku finalize the report. tau edit the draft saja. 

a'hah this time i wanna blog about some of the interesting extreme outdoor activities that i haven't try. if i got the opportunity to join the activities, i will. provided i have the courage and confidence to do so. hehe. because some aktiviti tu ada yang bagi gayat bah. check it out below ^_^



scuba diving

water rafting

bungee jumping

car racing

4 wheels drive expedition

so far aku pernah cuba aktiviti2 lasak ane:

- hiking CLICK HERE ^^

- outdoor camping

kayaking (photo credit Belia Hq Facebook)

fyi, this photo was taken during 'Kem Jati Diri 2-5 May 2011' at Pulau Pelumpong. i was one of the youth participants ^^

- abseiling
- rock climbing

if would be great if i have MANY friends yang suka aktiviti lasak like above ^_^ every once a month buleh rancang buat small outdoor event sama2. sometimes tu boring bah pegi liat movie di cinema, shopping and stuff. aku mau jua buat aktiviti lain with kawan2. tapi sayangnya nda ramai kawan ku yang kaya sekepala. 

okie dokie papai for now :D


  1. sy suka bungee jumping tapi x pernah tercapai nk buat..

    1. sy teringin nak try. tapi takut at the same time. gayattt :s hehe.


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