Tuesday, 6 November 2012

bila aku rajin..

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D 

i think i need to 'terminate' my alarm's service. LOL! :p i always wake up early than alarm bah. but then again after alarm bebunyi baru tah aku leave my bed and take shower. tu pun macam urang nda spirit. haha. 

today is different. bezanya the moment i opened my eyes aku terus saja redah kamar mandi ngan aura cergas yang tersangatlah jarang aku experience especially in early morning. hehe. malas ku tunggu bunyi alarm bah. nda buleh bemalas-malasan di awal pagi. mesti cergas! daa~ haha. hopefully tomorrow and hari2 seterusnya sikap rajin ku ane kekal. kekeke. 

i think i need to put reading at least a book or magazine or newspaper or whatever reading material excluding Playboy magazine before going to work as a new habit :) and i am also planning to create a monthly budget list so that i am fully aware how much i have spend on basic needs, miscellaneous, and how many percentage is my saving and so on. when i am going back to ITB next year to finish the remaining 2 semesters, i bet belanja ku gerenti lebih dari budgeted one. whoa rajin semacam aku ah. hehe. well, for my own good bah.

the last magazine i bought. Remaja May 2012 edition. i was a bookworm before. now internet has taken over my life. kwang3 :p

another chocolate i get for today :D thanks to my colleague. seriously, i don't remember the average number of chocolates i eat each week o.O

subuk-subuk ne jua --> bila aku bercerita and bila aku merajuk


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