Monday, 5 November 2012

an embarrassing moment when i withdrew $ from ATM :O

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D 

adushhhh when i think back that embarrassing moment, i feel like wanna dig up a big hole and jump inside >.< the story began like this. wosehhh macam mari bercerita competition tah pulang hehe. btw we Bruneians maksudkan 'pulang' ne 'pula' okie. 

aaa when i was on the way home from work, i asked my cousin to stop by HSBC Bank in Kuala Belait town because i need to withdraw money as i have $0.00 inside my wallet. meoww~ :p i do have some coins left. tapi aku tetap mau duit kertas juaa :O yang buat tebal wallet is segala kad lah hehe.

there was quite a long queue and yeah, have to wait lah. i was standing behind this tall handsome army guy :p he is a foreigner. i assume he is a British. when it came to my turn, i seriously don't know what happened to me. suddenly my mind went blank and i was actually have forgotten which hole to insert my ATM card in! i bet some people behind me saw me panicking cuba mengingati di mana kan insert the card. balik2 aku tersalah masukkan my ATM card dalam lubang yang sepatutnya untuk print transaction slip =.=

fuhhh malu ehhh :s i guess the reason why i was panic maybe pasal aku lama sudah nda withdraw $ di ATM counter hehe. in fact, i don't find there is a need to withdraw $ selagi aku masih buleh use barang yang sedia ada and amalkan sikap suka berjimat.

and then bila aku mau kuar aku buat ini expression..

the end of the story. hehe.

hmm, my tummy been bad boy today at office >.< LOL. it was not gastric. bukan jua sakit perut pasal mau o'o. maybe sakit pasal banyak masuk angin. thanks to my colleague because bagi aku ubat penahan sakit dugal or gastric. Alhamdulillah penderitaan yang ku alami nda lama. hehe. i also wanna thank Farhah for the donut chocolate :D 

take a quick sneak to find out what i had in da office :p

this morning, one of my office mates called me 'tropical rainforest' because i was wearing all green. ROARRR! hahaha. if kawan-kawan mau tau, i can say that 80% baju kurung ku kebanyakannya warna green kekeke. well, subuk here also hehe.

love green. live green. click HERE puhleaseee. LOL. 

Alhamdulillah i have started doing a report on my supervised work placement at one of the established oil and gas service companies. okay papai muahh muahh for you kawan-kawan! :D


  1. hahaha. pernah gak jadi camtu. at last buat muka selamba n xpuas hati dgn org sekeliling. haha

    1. seriously sy serik dah nak withdraw money when there are many people around =.=' maluuuu eee. hhaha.


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