Sunday, 14 October 2012

updating facebook status :3

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D 

in this entry i want to talk about updating status in faceboo. oops tertinggal huruf 'k'. marah si mark zuckerberg karang :p okay facebook. aaa before i continue please be reminded that if you are the type yang easily get offended please read my other entry INSTEAD :D ulalala~

-if you are the type that always get hungry, please don't update FB status "im hungry" bla bla bla. go find something to eat then! ulalala~
-for pathetic single people, please STOP flooding others' news feed with "SingleME", "Forever AloneME", "im single. who wants to be my bf / gf inbox me" bla bla blah! 

p/s: im single, too. sometimes feel very lonely nda kekasih. but i never post such pathetic FB status.

-if you feel so damn sleepy, go to sleep instead of posting "im very sleepyyy" status. so what? =.=
-if you are mad at someone NEVER EVER post something bad about them. trust me, you won't be happy seeing the consequence of your action. i had experienced this.. devil FB. instead, you can post something about your favourite cartoon character. examples; "spongebob's eyes are like meatball!" or "i want Rapunzel's hair." or "Phineas & Ferb are mad inventors."
-i know you are damn bored but is it necessary to post something like this? "who thinks im cute, 'like'. who thinks im beautiful, please comment. who thinks im ugly, inbox me." oh man, so pity itu orang.

so, yeah...


  1. Totally agreed with you!

    Now, who thinks I'm cute? Buwahahaha! :-p

    1. glad hehe.

      err *tekan butang dislike* nyahahaha kidding.


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