Monday, 22 October 2012

the reason why i don't like football..

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D 

*headphone is on* (8) cold as ice and more bitter than a December winter night. that's how i treated you. and i know that i, i sometimes tend to lose my temper and i cross the line, yeah that's the truth. (8) *head, body are dancing slightly* 

well, can anyone guess what is the song title of the lyrics above? :D 

alright, how everyone is doing tonight? no stress okeh. keep smiling from ear to ear. HAHA! 

smiling in the dark.. walawala :p

this time aku mau ceta pasal football hehe. to kaki-kaki bola mau tau nda? pasal bola lah aku dapat malu sampai aku nda lagi minat dangar if people ceta about FIFA, World Cup, whatsoever cup. LOL. 

well, i used to be a so-called fanatic fan of Liverpool Club :p and i know NIL about football.

to couples out there, you will never walk alone. wish you happily ever after. LOL :p

okeh dipendekkan ceta, my friend pernah tanya aku sebelah malam karang team siapa saja lawan. during that time everyone was having World Cup fever except me. HAHA! aku ngan konpiden jawap liverpool. aduh, kena gelakkan eh o.O sampai kena perli bah. malu jangan cakap. since atu aku nda lagi minat apa2 pasal football. you talk about football, soccer street, futsal with me, i give you shit look. MUAHAHA! :p 

lessonnya di sini if you know nothing or very little about something, KEEP QUIET ;) or you want kena malukan. pilihan di tangan anda. HAHA!

alright, nighty night :D xoxo

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