Monday, 8 October 2012

serious thought from me..

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D heyyyy how is your monday? monday is very common with the phrase 'monday blues'. well, im not experiencing any monday blues today :D im teaching myself to start every new week with POSITIVE thought i.e. "I LOVE MONDAY" :D

well, i have develop some kind of interest to learn more about alternative energy sources to fossil fuels. just recently. oil and gas sector is the major contributor to Brunei's economy. from some reliable sources mentioned that the oil and gas in Brunei will deplete in 2038 (i will be 47 by then). 

i looked in internet what are the alternative energy to fossil fuels in Brunei. researchers come up with hydro, solar thermal, solar photovoltaic, wind, tidal and osmotic renewable energy generation. 

the potential location to build a small hydro power plant which can generate less than 100MW capacity in Brunei is along the Temburong River in Temburong District. However, as the Ulu Temburong National park is located in the district, the challenge and consequences of building such a plant with minimal impact to the tropical rainforest must be evaluated through Environment Impact Assessment. 

tell you what, im actually lazy to write long :p (coz i wanna do something else) so if you wanna know the continuation you can refer here the brunei timeswell, i can summarize it with my own words but as i said earlier im so lazy so please don't hesitate to click on the link if you wanna learn more :) aku malas doesn't mean aku nda serious about my country's future..

p/s: i wonder until when Brunei wanna depend on oil and gas industry to be the prominent revenue source for the Sultanate... Bruneians, please wake up! :)

what i have in office today :p 

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