Sunday, 14 October 2012

really? O.O

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D 

just now i go to youtube site and search for "artis brunei" and then i saw arah suggestion side ada this song called 'Kleopatra' sing by KUJ. so aku click lah arah lagu tu mau dangar.. when it starts playing i went "really??"

wanna know why im surprise?

i have heard this song before in radio and i thought it is sung by aaa well you know an international artist yang has similar genre like LMFAO. rupa-rupanya...lagu urang brunei:3 cool. click here to listen KUJ - Kleopatra erm artis baru kot. sikit berabisss info pasal KUJ di internet.. 

erm i wanna add my personal opinion about A Band Once. their music seems like banyak pengaruh dari muzik indonesia.. wish them a goodluck in producing 100% brunei music piece in future :)

A Band Once

the vocalist (3rd from left) faizul pun study in the same university as me in ITB. nda tau lah sudah habis study or still lagi.

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