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RE: I Hate Writing A Formal Letter

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D 

when i was in secondary school and also pre-U level, one of the schoolworks that i don't like to do is writing a formal letter during english language subject and also malay language subject >.< memang nda suka sangat2. but mau nda mau i have to accept the fact that formal letter is actually important and useful in our life. for example when i minta long leave from work masa aku masih kaja di KFC dulu and also when i applied untuk tinggal di campus hostel, i wrote the formal letters on my own. i don't really care about the standard format whatsoever, though. LOL. what matter to me is the main content of the letter.

haa don't know how to write a resignation letter? i give you some examples. see below :D aaa after you read the letters please think twice if you actually wanna use it as an example :p

PC: only4funny


PC: liewcf


Dear Sir, 

It is with great regret and sorrow that I'm writing you, but I'm leaving the job. The offer was too lucrative and attractive for me to turn down. I had to abscond because I wanted to avoid a scene with the HR and you. I am sorry but I had no choice.  

A great gesture

The project is working fine. There are only 108 issues pending, out of which only 38% issues are High Priority. Hence I am sure there is no need to worry about. The next Phase of major enhancements I have been working upon, have been completed halfway. I am sure the new person who would replace me would not understand what all I had done so far. Hence, for his and your convenience, I have taken care to remove all the work that I had been doing this far for nearly 3 months now. I am sure you will appreciate my insight and "big heart". 

Bless me always

Also, I have changed my contact number. So you will not be able to get in touch with me, to congratulate me. But I know your blessings are always with me. Last but not the least. I also have the Rs 12000 entrusted to me by our company's cultural events group, for the upcoming movie event. I am sure you would have wanted me to keep it with myself as an added bonus from our company. I respect you very much, hence your wish is my command. 

Yours faithfully

Don't worry sir. I am 2 years experienced now, learning so much from your company. So I will surely use this knowledge to write better programs for the new company. Someday I'm sure we will meet sometime in the future. If you wish, I will surely be glad to give my employee reference for you to apply for a job in the new company which I am joining.

Your faithful employee,
SW Engineer 


Dearest Boss, none of the above is true. I'm am still busy working at client side. I just wanted to remind you that there are worse things in life than my "Request to reconsider my Salary Appraisal" attached with this mail. Please approve it and call when it is safe for me to come to our Office to discuss this.

My respect and Best Regards to you! 

HAHAHA funny, right? :p credit to Binscorner

before you decide to resign (for good ke bad ke) make sure you ada cukup usin to pay whatever outstanding amount you owe to company. well, if you have any anyway. ada companies yang charge their soon-to-be-ex employees and also yang sudah resign atu certain amounts coz maybe..they worked for less than a year (against what has been agreed in contract). so if kaja tu biar banar2 kaja. jangan every year tukar kaja. if aku become a boss pun surely aku nda akan terima pemohon pekerjan yang macam ane. tukar kaja macam tukar baju =.=

hmm think that's all for now.

yours sincerely,
callmeFaemaybe. trollll :p


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