Tuesday, 2 October 2012

woot! woot! :D

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D urghh this stomachache is so double urghh. lol. selagi dapat tahan aku tahan. toilet bukannya jauh pun dari kamar ku. if dah nda dapat tahan lagi, zoom turn kanan then kiri then kiri lagi. ha'ah itu dia toilet. muahaha :p

this morning i was so lazy to wake up. actually EVERY morning ESPECIALLY during working days. well, how i wish my workplace is like 5 minutes walk from home so i can add some more minutes to my sleeping hour. meoww~ 

around 4 p.m. tadi blackout di tempat kaja ku including the company's warehouse and workshop. luckily i sempat save all my work in desktop. pakai generator pun didn't really help much. i thought only my workplace compound yang tutup karan ne rupanya Kuala Belait town jua. glad my neighborhood area nda affected. well, i prefer no electricity than no water. meoww~ anyone agree with me?

two meaningful life philosophies from my uncle today:

  • practice THE RIGHT WAY makes perfect.
  • if you stick to the "just go with the flow" thinking, you are not up to challenges and you won't get to the end the way how you want it to be.

i don't have to worry anymore about no chocolate stock in office because i have one potential chocolate supplier, my colleague. muahaha senang hati i :p

i chose twisties over cheezels :3 

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