Saturday, 27 October 2012

me being random ;)

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D 

hairan lah aku nda dapat buka facebook from my handphone o.O nda tau lah siapa yang being gay, internet connection or my facebook account? *after so many trials* yeahhh can logged in dah :D if bukan pasal facebook ne penting to promote my blog, lama sudah aku deactivate bah. 

aaa in this entry i am gonna talk random. so happy reading! :D 

this picture was taken when i just woke up from short afternoon nap :p messy but natural. LOL. 

gatal hati mau papat kuku but i have to wait until Monday. kan hari2 yang disunatkan papat kuku are Monday, Thursday and Friday.

haa good news for Sugarbun lovers, the franchise has opened its new branch in Mulaut. so it makes up a total of six Sugarbun branches altogether in Brunei. still can't beat the popularity of KFC :p the official launch took place yesterday Friday morning lead by Sugarbun Franchise License Operator, Chan Fui Meng. 

a free mug will be given away for every order that amounts to $15 or more at the Mulaut branch. business hour from 10 a.m to 10 p.m. erm sometimes aku kesian liat workers yang kaja di restoran and supermarkets, kaja dari pagi until malam with 1 hari saja off day dalam seminggu tapi gaji? huh!

oh man, my lips are dry. kurang minum air kot. tapi bila aku banyak drink water balik2 bah ke toilet >.< bari malas bah. 

guess some of you already know the trick to memorize multiplication table of 9. and i just know about it >.< tell ya what, when i was a primary student before i always had a hard time to memorize sifir 9 >.< only sifir 1, 2, 3, 5 and 11 saja yang aku able to memorize fast :p no biggie. i hate maths. still :3

ulalala~suddenly i miss the times masa tinggal di campus hostel. 2 months left before semester 3 ane comes to end. aku iski banar mau habis industrial attachment ane lakas. aku sempat check arah hostelites group page di FB, macam2 interesting activities bah yang bisdurang organise. huwaaaa wish i could join >.< it's okay, will see you in semester 4 dear hostelites. LOL. 

The Core. UBD new hostel. 

the activities are as follow:
  • Thai movie time.
  • Pertandingan Klip Video Kreatif Islami 2012
  • FBEPS Mini Business Week
  • Beach Barbeque and Bonfire
  • Land Rover Roadshow
  • 180 minutes Zumbathon
  • International Movie NightSSS
  • RESCO Trip to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
  • Marathon Permainan Dalam (permainan tradisi Brunei)
  • RESCO One Day Trip to Miri, Sarawak
  • Russian Language Training
  • Photography Competition (for Instagram users)
  • Potluck Dinner Party 
  • Fun Bowling
actually there are lots more. when i stayed in hostel during semester 1 and 2 aku nda active ikut such activities. now aku jeles tia nda dapat join pasal masih attachment huhu. 

aaa before zzz jom layan these cute videos dulu :D 

yang paling geli hati is the last video :p 

alright tata! i wanna zzz :3

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