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local music scene in brunei

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D 

malas aku buat intro bunga2. straight to the point saja.

okay, if i ask all people in this world do they ever heard about a small country called brunei i bet most of them will say no. i think they know palestin, iraq, afghanistan more than brunei. brunei negara humble. we don't like bikin kecoh sampai 1 dunia tau. ehem...

in this entry, i just wanna focus on music industry in brunei.
well, as far to my knowledge or my (lack of) awareness about the current local music scene erm you can't earn lots being a full time singer / band here in brunei. what i heard ada some artis brunei ne got pekerjaan tetap. singing is maybe put as the 2nd career. i believe ada yang jadi full time singer but im not sure how well is their future savings if they pull out from the industry. err you see, actually our local music scene is not to be called an 'industry' just yet. there are so many improvements need to be given serious attention by local music people and supporters. 

however, some of the local singers / bands have the amazing breakthrough for them and us, the bruneians, to be proud about :) malas mau pet pot pet pot panjang. do check out the youtube links below and comment what you think, okay :)
alright, all the above links show us that even though the market demand for local singers and bands masih belum ditahap yang memberangsangkan BUT we can at least be proud that their collaboration project with international artists are DA-BOOM :D DA-BOOM among the local fans, at least..

Hill Zaini


among all bruneian artists i like listen to maria's songs the most. malaysia has Dato Siti Nurhaliza. U.S. has Lady Gagak oops Gaga lah :p brunei has Maria :3 antara maria's songs yang pernah hit:-
actually ada lagi lagu2 maria yang hit tapi i couldn't find the link in youtube, i mean the good one lah. 

she's a educated beauty with talent. photo credit: maria cribs facebook.

haaa every time a topic pasal artis brunei diperdebatkan most people say that an income / royalty being paid to the artists can't make them to live a grand lifestyle. to live an average style, yes. unless they are genius in managing their income from singing.. some of the local artists that have their own main job are:-
  • Yura (a secondary teacher)
  • Zul Faden (an english teacher. im not sure if he's still be)
  • ... 
weather update: it is raining in kuala belait.

some more artis brunei with lagu hit bisdurang :)

Putri Norizah.. i believe i can fly lol.

Qeez Idrus

i believe the support and reactions both positive and negative from bruneians can reshape the local music scene. fyi, i used to love mocking on local artists / songs. asal radio play local tracks, goosebumps timbul with that jelek feeling. now? okay2 lah.. so to all my fellow bruneians, bisdurang artis nda pernah kacau hidup kiter so nda usah lah kan kutuk2 melampau bisdurang ane *peringatan untuk diri also* Brunei Yakin! *sniff2.. i smell someone masak indomee*

ohh i gotta stop here. luan panjang dah post ku ne. takut you guys keboringan membaca. tata! 

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