Friday, 19 October 2012

if i have $1,000 in my hand

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D 

pssst ever wish $$$ gugur from sky? haha. if banar2 ada konpom manusia malas bekaja. jadi mandur yang nda dihormati. haha. well, mau tanya you all. what would you do if you have $1,000 cash in hand? 

wish the $$$ can multiply $$$ :p lagi2 duit. lagi2 duit. haha.

well, if ada duit $1,000 in my hand right now i may use it to:
  • 50% masuk savings account :)
  • transfer some to mama's bank account :)
  • bali stock chocolateSSSS untuk sebulan dua :p
  • bali top-up card terus untuk stock sebulan (sasak bah every week membali top-up card eshhh..)
  • bali new long black skirt :D
  • bali new black top :D
  • bali new black wedges / heels :D
  • belanja bestfriends and cousins makan :) di gerai saja :p
  • bali whatever my sister wants (miss her..)
p/s: i like gothic style hehe tapi balum pernah try the gothic image. nda cukup props. wawawa :p

inside a girl's (me) bag :p 

haha me like the gothic background :p

1 of the fav old pictures and of me and ainaa, my bestfriend :) 1 picture with 1001 memories ;)

ulalala~goodnight dudes and babes. any story komen jer. 


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