Monday, 29 October 2012

first day..

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D 

yeaahaa :D how are you doing, dudes and babes? :p masih dalam Monday blues mood kah? please don't hate Monday just because ea rampas weekend dari you all. LOL. lagipun tau nda you all that our beloved Prophet Muhammad was born on Monday? ;)

alright, today is venney's 3 years old little sister, venessa's first day at school. nama schoolnya is PGGMB for short. dekat saja schoolnya ngan rumah. buleh jalan kaki. actually, masa ane venessa just dalam tempoh trial until the end of this November. if ea nda masalah with her new surrunding then next year baru ea officially masuk school. good to hear from venney that venessa didn't cry or freak out on her first day in school :) 

and today jua also my first day mula counting hari sampai lah kami habis attend the industrial attachment at respective companies or government ministries at the end of this Decemberrr :D i believe my kawan2 pun nda sabar mau habis attachment ane. i miss university so-called hectic life kekeke :p 

well, after quite some time i didn't buy drink from vending machine (belongs to office) baru ane first day aku kluarkan $1 as i was so freaking thirsty plus aku mau minum soya bean. dulu selalu banar membali drink from vending machine sampai tuhus bah usin dalam wallet. LOL.

what i have for dinner tadi. half of plate saja aku kaut. appetite kurang sudah yo.

psst~to all MacDonald lovers in Brunei, the restaurant (there is only one branch currently available in the counry) will be opening its newly-renovated outlet TOMORROW :D new image, new uniform, new equipment, upgraded kids' playground :D 

before renovation..

btw siapa pernah joined choral speaking competition? nda kira lah peringkat school kah, peringkat university kah. i did when i was in semester 2 :D we got 2nd place. memang sempoi gaya penyampaian kami siap nyanyi lagu 'The Mighty Jungle' kekeke :D but we didn't sing the whole song lah..

erm what else ah? maybe atu saja yang ku repekkan for now :p haa as my entry title is 'first day' so sudi2 lah share your first day story. any story will do but not the explicit one please. tata! ;)

subuk-subuk ne jua --> it is monday. so what :D

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