Sunday, 7 October 2012

faezah's weekend is well spent :p

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D how is your weekend so far? fantastic or frustrated? lol. 

mine? well, on sunday night venney's family and i went to Jerudong Park coz it had been awhile we didn't go there together. venney and i ordered 2 cucuk chicken wings, 6 cucuk tongkeng, 2 plates of plain rice. side order kami chips. sesungguhnya pembaziran banyak berlaku. nasi nda habis, chips nda habis, segala itu cucuk nda habis so we tapau. mentang2 kena bayarkan so we main hentam kosmo order banyak itu cucuk segala. lol.

venney's parents, her little sister and their housemaid bawa si kecil main games yang ada di JP. dulu masa zaman JP totally free of charge there were so many people came to JP. but now? well, less gempak dah. si kecil happy main merry-go-round, bumper car... venney and i went to different side of the park, seeing couples yang macam2 character, commented on pass-by visitors' clothes haha. ramai jua lah people from different races bawa family durang berhibur di JP. if di malaysia ada slogan 1 Malaysia. if brunei erm 1 Brunei? haha ciplak slogan jap :p

and today, venney, mamit and i went to two functions in Lumut. 1st is wedding function and the 2nd one is thanksgiving. 

actually baru tah weekend ne venney and i update each other story masing2. and yes, thanks to my uncle coz belanja aku beli new wedges hehe. thanks to my aunt also coz belikan aku shorts and long pants :) i also texted some of my bestfriends how are they doing and so forth in Whassap. 

well, my bestfriend rifan has a new pet.

his name is Riffy Zed. 

err, tomorrow is monday right? BIG OH NO O.O

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