Wednesday, 10 October 2012

do you smell any sarcasm here?

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D 

i find it totally useless setting alarm every day especially during working days coz i always end up wake up late. just late. not very late :p well, at least i always arrive before 0800 hr :)

when weekend comes that is another different story :p i bet most of you wake up very late, i mean seriously late during weekend, am i right? ;) even emas dimata pun thicker than hari2 biasa haha. ntah2 map yang terukir di bantal pun berganda basar kali :p

well, untuk entry ne i actually wanna share something that i want you guys to think. yes, think. reminder: i don’t encourage you to practise them. check it out. LOL :p
  • snoozeee your alarm til you get tired listen to its KRINGGGG!! well, i set my phone alarm ringtone to T-Pain's song anyway :p
  • log on to your facebook account from phone. update any annoying status you can ever think of :p
  • after taking bath and get yourself dress up, switch on your laptop / PC and go to facebook. do the same thing as above :p
  • you are in rush and of course you don't have a minute to take your breakfast. but you have minuteSS to update your facebook status from phone saying that you miss your breakfast coz you are already late bla bla bla. hmm...
  • on the way to workplace, update facebook status again telling the world you are on your way to your office bla bla bla...
  • when you arrive, update again but this time you tell the world that starting tomorrow you won't wake up late again so you don't have to miss breakfast and you can arrive early at office.
  • ...
  • the next day and --
  • the same story all over again.
conclusion? *sigh* facebook has taken over MORE than 50% plus of your life time.

you know why i post this entry? coz i do it, too. HAHA! :p but wait, not all the time okay. im trying to minimize the use of facebook.

okieeee goodnight. *log on to facebook* hmm no new message from ...

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