Sunday, 14 October 2012

crazy demand for Zinger Double Down

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D 

urghh my tummy don't feel good. *a few minutes break* im back :D my tummy feels alright now :p ulalala~ senang hati ku pakaian kerja untuk esuk sudah ironed. even baju kurung untuk the day after tomorrow also sudah ironed. i guess most of you tengah kusut now coz weekend will say bye2 soon :p i don't wanna hate monday anymore :) 

okiee dokiee i wanna talk about Brunei KFC Zinger Double Down. 

Brunei start selling ZDD on October 10th. i have not try it yet. it looks yummy oh. double zinger fillet, double cheese. double treat, man! :D however, i wonder how much the calorie count. good thing i don't prefer going to fast food restaurant like KFC, MacDonald, Jollibee, Ayamku.

what i wanna talk about actually is the demand here in Brunei for this crispy, all-meat burgerrr :p most outlets cepat habis stocknya like KB Branch, Rimba Branch, Airport Mall Branch, Lambak Branch. busy outlets katakan. kalau dah demand tinggi of course zinger fillet stock pun cepat habis. sampai ada customers ngada2 complain di facebook. apa ea ingat superman kah KFC people ne termasuk KFC's suppliers untuk sediakan semua untuk bisdurang ASAP. kalau tengahari habis fillet stocknya don't ngada2 expect the afternoon later stock baru sampai. supplier pun ada delivery schedule, okay? sometimes supplier pun tekakai2 making then supplying the stock to all KFC outlets bila demand level naik mengajut. 

below is the recent post i copy from KFC Brunei fanpage. malas edit pakai ayat sendiri. ulalala~


Due to overwhelming demand for our Zinger Double Down, there may be moments of product unavailability as our suppliers try to cope with our demand. They are working rounds to deliver to us to fill up the void. 

At the meantime, to minimize inconvenience and unnecessary waiting, do note the following:

1.) When Zinger Double Down is unavailable, our team members will be putting up a "Product Unavailability" notice (as per attached) at the counter. Please take note of this notice before you queue.

2.) When Zinger Double Down is unavailable, feel free to check with our team members any other outlets nearby that has it.

Thank you for your time to read this post and we sincerely apologies for any inconvenience caused.

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