Tuesday, 30 October 2012

chocolate is an art :D

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D 

psst would you eat these chocolates? if you ask me, of course i will :p 

PC: favim. worms chocolate cake. euwww but just ignore the worms and NGAP! the chocolate :p 

PC: littlebirdtell. i don't sampai hati put my butt on the couch. but i do sampai hati put my fierce teeth on this delicious art :p

PC: littlebirdtell. making the chocolate couch.

PC: bitrebels. aww ain't chocolate such a beautiful art? YUMMY YUMMY :p

PC: bitrebels. heaven :3 is it too much if i say i wanna open a all-chocolates store in Brunei? we don't have one here. bags, wedges, headbands, pens, shades etc you name it, all are made from CHOCOLATES <3

PC: sweet-station. this set of tools is made of Belgian couverture chocolate by Japanese chocolatier, Frantz.

there's only one chocolate art that i won't even wanna try which is:

PC: naldzgraphics. creative but nda ku beliur kan makan chocolate on nails. yuck >.<

btw MacDonalds Brunei is commencing back to business today :D my cousin sent me the picture below. new look after renovation.

tadi ku cuba makan honeydew. err the taste buleh tahan lah.. but if i was given a choice to eat honeydew or durian, i will take honeydew. i cannot stand the smell of durian bah >.<


subuk-subuk ne jua --> first day..

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