Monday, 29 October 2012

bedtime song

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D 

it used to be my habit listen to my favorite tracks in my handphone until i nearly fall asleep kekeke ;) bila sudah separuh mamai tu aku tutup handphone and then off to dreamland lah. now aku lebih suka angan2 before buat taik mata kekeke. 

but sometimes i might listen to some great songs in YouTube before i switch off my laptop and off to ZZZ ;) such as 'Beautiful' by Megan Nicole, 'Case of the Ex' by Mya, Avril Lavigne's songs, 'Hero' by Skillet bla bla bla.. 

for tonight, my bedtime song is 'Bad Ass' :p

oh ya i found this one music video 'Meski Cinta' by Asde. who's Asde? a Bruneian singer. aku pun nda tau sangat perkembangan pasal local music scene di Brunei.. anyway, dengar and then comment what you think. tenkiu ;)

subuk-subuk ne jua --> local music scene in Brunei 

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