Friday, 26 October 2012

11 unusual bed designs

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D 

Alhamdullillah dah dinner. think i am gonna sleep early tonight. before midnight, of course. erm do you think you can sleep well on such beds as shown below:

PC: toxel. i doubt i can have a comfortable sleep tidur atas katil yang only allow one sleeping position ane.   

PC: lilyglover. 

PC: toxel. sing 'I'm Like A Bird' by Nelly Furtado. LOL. i like this design, actually.

PC: holykaw. this type of bed memang mendera. tapi good untuk exercise as in stretching kaki and tangan. LOL.

PC: ovticartmy. seriously, why not use real fishing nets saja. HAHA! don't be surprise if you wake up the next day you see family of fishes ikut tidur sama you. LOL.

PC: decor4all. tadaa~when you wake up the next day, jangan menjerit okeh bila liat kaki and tangan you panjang mengecut :p

PC: trendzona. pink! it's cute :p i want one.

PC: toxel. this type of crazy bed design allows you to sleep berdiri. sleep while standing for hours??

PC: decorfair. telur ne tunggu masa untuk menetas. entah apa yang kluar nanti. burung ke manusia :p

PC: finecomposition. hay bed o.O one word --> itchy.

PC: xzqt. roller-coaster looking bed. i would like to have one :p

if kana suruh design own bed, i want Oggy-shaped bed. Oggy & The Cockroaches is my favorite cartoon series. kekeke. i also don't mind sleep on a skull-shaped bed. LOL.

okay tata everibadeh :p

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