Monday, 3 September 2012

what i learnt today?

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D dah dinner? after you eat don't forget brush your teeth. actually, i haven't brush mine. lol. later la before zzz ;) 

i found it funny this morning when i arrived at my workplace and sat with my fellow industrial attachment friends, all of them were giving me their monday blues expression. lol. my monday blues trivia is that i don't have enough sleep last night. 6 hours mana cukup. kalau tah dapat di qadha jam2 tidur yang missed atu. lol.  

okay, what i have learned today? check it out below :D

1) self-reminder: if mau belawa ke office, allocate 1 hour slot untuk beautify diri from head to toe. not 10 minutes which i was trying to do tadi and end up i gave up. oh Jennifer Lopez, can i pinjam your make-up artist? lol. 

2) if you are the type that love to wear high heel shoes ke office, it would be better if you bring a pair of slippers. because you never know bila kasut kamu jahat arah kamu like what mine did to my jari kaki huhu.

3) always bawa chocolateSSS everyday to office. and a big bottle of mineral water if your company nda provide. lol. let's prevent diabetes :p i always mengusut mau chocolate tapi malas make an effort to bawa some ke office. macam tah berat sangat kan put the chocolate dalam bag. lazy bum. lol.

4) don't make yourself look stupid in front of company receptionist >.<

erm what else oh... i miss to watch movie at cinema with friends.

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