Tuesday, 25 September 2012

the cost of friendship

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D 

i believe all have at least one best friend. i have many and one of them is Rifan. we knew each other for quite a long time since primary school. but we only started talking to each other when we became classmates in form 4. since then we become good friends.

we fight, we cry, we laugh, we tease each other... memories :)

the reason i write about her is because i want the world knows how grateful i am to have her as my best friend. THANK YOU Rifan :)

actually, before i went to sleep last night Rifan and i betext arah Whatsapp. dari cerita pasal embarrassing stories happened yesterday at my workplace to cerita pasal my life... i became emotional. i cried. but she didn't know. no need for me to share here what i have been trough in my life. everyone surely have their bad times in life right so yeah... 

there are few things that i kept to myself all these times until i told Rifan last night. rasa lega bila burden yang i hold sendiri selama ane kuar smuanya after ku ceritakan arah Rifan.

an old picture of us :)

one thing i wanna remind you all. if you are mad at your best friend don't post on Facebook status. i learn my lesson already. i can't bear to lose my best friend anymore.

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