Wednesday, 26 September 2012

open many tabs. close all tabs. open again many tabs.

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D oh myyyyyyyyy, no word can describes how freaking bored i am right now :I open youtube tab, open google tab, open facebook tab, open blogger tab. back and forth. there you go! 

my uncle and his wife are going to hospital. baru bertolak. my uncle asked me "nda takut?" but pendengaran ku "sudah cabut?" kebetulan aku baru habis gosok pakaian kerja for tomorrow so i thought my uncle was asking about sudah kah aku cabut plug. telinga2... aku jawap "sudah." haha. second time he asked baru clear. ntah berapa cm tebal sudah emas dalam telinga ne. lol. maksud question uncle ku tu aku berani kah sorang2 di bilik tamu bawah while they are out.

taken on 18/08/2012 i love the leggings design ;) but not appropriate to wear it in office.

my kfc stuff :) see you next year, Mr. Colonel! lol :p

the secret to happiness is FREEDOM. this right here is FREEDOM -> $12,465,622.83 WOW! a man of 20's wrote on his bank receipt some advice and left it in a cafe.. cool. source credit to facebook :p

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