Sunday, 9 September 2012

one fine sunday morning...

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D fuhhhh i was all sacred after 'berperang' with venney's brother's cat. im a bit afraid of cats. dulu lagi teruk lah level takut ku. lol. 

i have a funny story about me just happened an hour ago. my niece, mone, called home wanted to talk to venney. im not familiar with mona's voice yet. i went upstairs to call venney and at the same time i have to face a fear a.k.a the cat =.= venney was in the bathroom so i asked the girl in the phone who she is as well as her phone number so that venney can call her back later. she just said that she is from Empire Hotel and left a contact number. what's more embarrassing is i sound so formal tadi. to make this story short, venney told me it was mona yang tipon and the so-called office number mona gave me is their home's phone number. i bet my naughty nieces are still laughing their ass off right now. lol. the reason why mona tipon is ea mau ajak venney makan dimsum with them later. im invited too but i don't feel like going anywhere today. hehe.

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