Sunday, 30 September 2012

lazy sunday

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D i believe most people hate monday. im one of them. no doubt. i wish there are at least 2 'sundays' in a week. huhu. 

sekejap lagi kami ke rumah saudara ada makan2 untuk mendiang nenek. good thing aku sudah gosok pakaian for tomorrow. so balik rumah later aku tau tidur terus. genius. haha. well, im kinda sleepy at the moment. sleepy when im sitting. but when i limpang on my nice tilam mata ne give opposite reaction tia. grr. untuk buang rasa sleepy ne aku taip whatever random thoughts that popped in my mind.

what i had for lunch today. 1 bungkus indomee and 1 gelas air. i was not hungry.

this is my first time saw this fruit. my friend told me it is called 'buah nona'. i don't know what people call it in english. Mr.Google knows better. lol.

tomorrow will be the first day of a new month. hello October. sayonara September. come quick November. i love you December. HI 2013! :D well, well, well... why am i so excited about 2013 ah?

one of the facilities available in my workplace :D in my life, i only played pool once. i prefer bowling.

err be right back. ada business jap. lol.

im back :D erm think that's all for now. tata.

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