Thursday, 20 September 2012


Assalamu'alaikum readers :D well, first of all sorry sesangat coz lama nda update blog. macam chipsmore dah ku ne. lol. i felt lazy to update so yeah. 

erm i have many stuff to share actually but again yeah aku lazy ohh... well, i just list out whatever have happened including today's stories.

  • 10/9 didn't really remember
  • 11/9 same as above
  • 12/9 a small family event to congratulate venney's brother for being accepted to further his studies in Malaysia
  • 13/9 didn't really remember
  • 14/9 registered my name and hazawani's in 'three-legged race' game for Menang Family Day on 14th October 2012
  • 15/9 went to Brunei International Airport to send venney's daddy and her big brother. they flew to Kuala Lumpur. in the afternoon we went to Miri Airport to send venney's mommy and her little sister. in the evening me and venney joined venney's boyfriend's family dine in at bandar. full day ohh~
  • 16/9 attended chicha's hari raya open house invitation. in the evening me, venney, merilyn, sherra and salam went to bandar to have some fun~
  • 17/9 didn't really remember
  • 18/9 busy with work. so what? 
  • 19/9 this was yesterday and nothing interesting to share
  • 20/9 venney's parents, her brother and cheeky sister have arrived home safely
p/s: chocolate can actually let you to make friends with your colleagues at workplace. lol. before this i never talked to ara and bibi because from my first impression they are somehow payah kan jadikan kawanku. but after i gave them chocolate we 'officially' become friends HAHA :p lame~

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