Tuesday, 25 September 2012

2013 plan

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D oh lalala almost every night do the same thing saja. monday night ngadap laptop. tuesday night ngadap laptop. wednesday night ngadap laptop. and bla bla bla night. well, im enjoying my nightlife to the fullest. oh? lol. 

roughly 3 more months left before 2012 bid farewell to us. i hate 2011 coz macam2 krisis timbul that had changed my life walaupun nda sepenuhnya. but i less hate 2012 coz yeah, im moving on in life. 

i know it is too early to plan. but yeah, just wanna highlight what i wanna do in 2013 so i can be prepared while we are still in 2012. 

my 2013 plan:

  • finish HND with EXCELLENT result. Aamiin...
  • take 'informal' driving lesson.
  • saving up to $xxx.xx ;) will see if the amount maintain 'til dec 2013. lol.
  • improve cooking skill. lol.
  • gain weight. plus 5kg. can? fyi, im quite skinny and have high metabolism.
  • make some beautiful dresses.
  • go hiking a lot.
  • participate more in any activities organized by university or outside events. c'mon, let's socialize in a good way.
  • most important is i wanna become a BETTER person :)

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